Short Term Insurance

short term insurance or temporary insurance - Mississippi

also known as temporary coverage

Medical coverage for people needing health insurance for a short time - 30 days to 12 months.

Some carriers offer coverage for a specific number of days, others for one-month increments. Coverage can be purchased in a specific block of time or month-to-month.

Short Term is for individuals and their dependents who do not need coverage for pre-existing conditions. Benefits are paid or illnesses and accidents incurred during the Short Term coverage period subject to approved contract benefits. 

Major medical expenses such as hospital, physician services, prescription services and other approved services for an illness or accident are covered subject to approved contract benefits.

Routine doctor visits, well care and pregnancy are generally not covered.

You can choose your own doctors and hospitals.

This can be a great alternative to COBRA, coverage between jobs, or a health care solution for a graduating senior losing coverage under their parents' health coverage.

Plans go into effect the day after you apply if you meet the requirements of the carrier and submit a premium payment.

Please be aware that policies have limitations and exclusions. 

For more information or a no-obligation quote please complete our confidential form below. (Refresh the page after submitting to bring up another form for the next person, if needed.) This is confidential for use by our company alone. 

 We will assist you in understanding and determining the type of Short Term Health Insurance best for your needs - medical deductible, out-of-pocket, copays and other benefits (when choices are available. 

Information needed for a quote

The following detailed information will assist us in providing the most accurate quote. 

Please have as much of this information possible for each person needing a quote:  

Zip Code, County of Residence, Date of Birth, Height and Weight, Tobacco Use

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We only offer coverage for those residing in Mississippi. 

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