Individual Products

We offer a variety of individual (non-group) products for Mississippi residents including:

Individual Health Insurance

Short Term (temporary Insurance

Dental Insurance

Life Insurance

Disability Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance

Medicare Supplement Plans

Part D Drug Coverage


individual products or benefits - Mississippi
individual products or benefits - Mississippi

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Individual Vision Insurance

individual products or benefits - Mississippi

Individual dental insurance usually pays a percentage of the service charge during the first year that increases for the next two years on most plans. Some plans offer discounts based on usual and customary charges.

There are several categories of services that are covered. Preventative and Diagnostic are sometimes combine together.

Many insurers classify them as follows though each carrier has their own definitions:

Preventative - routine oral exams (cleaning and floride application) and other procedures

Diagnostic - x-rays and other procedures

Basic - extractions, fillings, prosthodontics (denture repairs, etc.) and other procedures

Major - endodontic, periodontic, crowns, prosthetic services, oral surgery

Orthodontics - braces, many plans do not cover or cover only dependents to a certain age

There are different waiting periods before the carrier covers the various categories. Most waiting periods are:

  • Preventative - Diagnostic  - Basic  - Major  - Orthodontic
    0 months  - 0 months  - 6 months  - 12 months  - 12 months
  • Procedures and waiting periods vary with different carriers and for the different plans a carrier offers.
  • The deductible is usually a small amount of $50 or $100 per person per calendar year. Orthodontic deductible is separate and usually $100.
  • The yearly maximum benefit is usually $1000 or $1500 per person per calendar year. Orthodontic maximum is separate and usually $1000 or $1500 lifetime maximum.

Please be aware that policies have limitations and exclusions.

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We only offer coverage for those residing in Mississippi.